This is based on vibe 1631 and comes with google apps and removed all vibe apps and themes.By that you'll get fully stock smoother and faster experience.

Whats New : 

Added mostly the stock google apps like phone , contact, messages, Calculator, clock and more.

Latest Nova launcher

Removed x settings option from settings (if you need something please tell me what to add in this rom which is present in vibeui x and not present here in this rom).

Added Moto clock and weather widget

Venom kernel added (thanks @tanish2k09)

Latest Gapps Included 

Rooted with supersu 

Performance and stability remains the same as vibeui x 

So on ...(More in Settings)

Whats removed :

All the themes
Mostly all the vibe apps except SecurityIt ,
and some system files etc.

Its an initial release so please comment or pm me for any suggestion for this rom.Again its a initial build so your suggestion will always helps me (thanks to all who suggests me something new)

(Only for VIBEUI X Series)

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