Best Vibe Themes of 2017

Here are some of the best vibe themes available at the Lenovo Theme Centre.This themes looks better than most of the themes and gives a stunning look to your default lenovo launcher.This themes looks good to me and left is your choice, i found these good looking themes and i thought that i should share these with you.Now, you can simply download and import these themes with Lenovo Theme Centre.That's it , Have a look at below snaps of the themes.

1. Xperia Z Theme

2. Light Blue Theme

3.Bubble Grey Theme

4.Yellow Vibe Theme

5.VIBEUI X Default Theme

(This is the theme which is used as default in my vibeui x2 rom.I added more icons support to this theme and added new icons which is probably better than stock vibe icons.)

6.Clean Blue

7.Fun Color OS

8. Jazz Gold

9. Qianlan

10. Xperia Light Theme

11. Simple Beautifull Lockscreen

12. MIUI Theme

13. Newborn color


**Now, if you want to download all these themes in zip then click the Download  Button below :  Download All These Themes Part-1 // Part-2

How-To Import These Themes ?!
(If you don't know already, here is a guide)

Open any File browser, Go to internal storage (use Mixplorer)
> Then find a option (3 dot menu at the upper right corner usually) to show hidden files in internal storage or globally.
> After clicking show hidden files' some folders will reveal , find '.LenovoTheme' 
> Go to that theme folder and then 'download' folder, if you have already downloaded themes from theme center , here you find them.
> Extract the zip you have downloaded from here and then copy the 4 numbered folder to that 'download' folder.
> Go to theme center , there you'll find new themes !


You can extract the themes to internal storage or elsewhere and then go to theme center > Setting > import themes > wait for the finding process and import one by one or all at once !!

Thanks !!

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