VIBEUI X 2.x ROM & Changelogs


VIBEUI X v2.5 (Test build) :

  • Ambient display added under display settings (not tested)
  • Multiwindow fix
  • Rotation Issue fixed in this build (no need to flash patch again)
  • Notification count enabled
  • Weather fixed (no need to flash patch again)
  • New performance mode in Settings
  • Xposed Installer added for lenovo
  • New Hi-Fi music
  • New Headset settings  
  • New Google Lense inbuilt
  • Wifi Calling (Not tested)
  • Tap and Pay (Not tested)
  • More advanced wifi settings
  • Heavy animations are removed ..added smooth animations to system
  • New SYNCit
  • latest greenify
  • Latest play store 
...and more

VIBEUI X v2.6 (Test build) :

  • Google assistant work on long pressing the home button ( not fully working...first u need to enable it by then start it by voice...after some time it will work...and you may face fc of NotificationCenter )
  • If you want to use assistant daily then enable navigation bar by editing build.prop ( qemu.hw.mainkeys=1 --> qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 , this will enable navigation keys )
  • New Data usage option in settings
  • New High sensitivity touch added
  • New wallpapers added
  • Now set your own wallpapers as magazine wallpapers,Increase the number in magazine settings
  • Fixed google automatically gets removed from assist app
  • Removed some themes  
  • Many new options added IN SETTINGS
  • New WiFi frequency band options
  • New Wifi calling mode selection options
  • New Network Service discovery
  • New Power saving mode when hotspot is enabled
  • Running services added to memory option
  • New voice unlock option in language setting
  • New Pulse notification light]
  • App notification manager
  • New Hide sensitive content on lockscreen
  • Do not disturb access
  • New gesture, single tap on right side of statusbar(on battery icon) will lock the device,long pressing will pop up the power menu.
  • All other apps updated to latest
...many other changes done for more stability !!

 VIBEUI X v2.7 (Test build) :
  • New Location based wifi, will automatically connects to your home network (Like Google Pixel)
  • New Settings option - Calling Settings & New Sound Profile Settings
  • Caller full screen photo in call screen (Not default,have to flash a Zip)
  • Lenovo Mail & Step counter (Non-System App)
  • More animation scales option
  • Smll changes to make notifications slightly rounded
  • long press back button to force close apps
  • Google DNS added
  • Xposed fired
  • More changes in all over the system and system apps
  • Huge changes in UI , making it better than ever
  • New X navbar ,not enabled by default, enable to see it
  • System dialog corners changed (rounded)
  • whole new theme
  • changed theme's icons
  • Default theme supports more app's icons
  • Themed some 3rd party apps
  • System's switchbar changed
  • new icons for chechkboxes
  • new performance option in settings
  • Added direct links to download rom in about settings
  • selinux mode changing option
  • New notificationCenter
  • Added plugin in notificationCenter
  • New colored tiles and notification panel
  • Audio Mode selection option for Maxx audio in with tile
  • Added Ubuntu fonts as default
  • Whole New Themed clean settings 
  • Junk cleaning option in memory settings
  • Direct App lock option in security settings
  • New system animation..removed iOS's jumping animations :p
  • If you like iOS animations, download from AFH and flash..both animations are there
  • Finally, OmniSwith, for better multitasking,enable it in Vibeui X setting.
  • More , explore yourself ! trying my best , so please wait some time...thanks !
Next update will arrive bit later (probably after 1-2 months)
**Big thanks to those guys who suggest me something new .Without all of your support its impossible.u guys are great , thnx again !!

If you want venom or renice kernel for vibeui x..then go to google drive link from below and download venom and renice kernel repacked for vibeui x ..dont flash ..extract the boot.img from downloaded zip and flash the boot.img through recovery !!

and dont remove system apps which aren't visible in launcher...!

Download links & Others :

Post Links :


Note : These are test builds ,if you wanna try ,definitely you can .Im working on final build which is VIBEUI X3 .Hope you guys liked X/X2 .I cant confirm the final date ,dont worry about update ,subscribe by email ,you will be notified.For any kind of issues/suggestions contact me.
Thanks !!

Some basic tips & suggestions to get more out of the rom :
  1. Set up scheduled power on/off : By restarting once a day  mediatek processors works more smoothly !!
  2. Battery Calibration : Battery calibration is a good thing if you get strange drops of battery level.It will remove BatteryStates bin from system and eventually create a new batteryStates bin ! and you will get new battery Life  !! (Go to Vibeui X Settings> Battery Calibration ,to calibrate battery !!)
  3. Block annoying Ads : Simply go to Vibeui  x Settings > Adaway.Then grant root permission.After granting update hosts files and reboot once.Done!! All ads are removed from this System and Apps !!
  4. Manage Notifications :In new builds of vibeui x , there are many option to manage notificaion ..check yourself and never ask again , Notification isn't coming !!
  5. Google Assistant not working on home long press : So you are a google assistant fan !!Its right that G assistant not working in any previous vibe dev rom on hardware home key long press (without using any apps).But in Vibeui x i made google assistant to work on home button long press,but its still not working properly (I'm trying).You have to set up google assistant and train with your voice then after some time it will work !! To work smoothly enable navigation button editing build.prop (qemu.hw.mainkeys = 1 >> qemu.hw.mainkeys = 0)
  6. Rounded Corner Preference : You don't like that rounded corners ? no problem , go to Settings>Display>Rounded corner preference, And lastly press the switch on the ActionBar to get rid of this rounded corners !
  7. Lenovo Launcher Hidden Settings :So if you dont know after using vibe whole these years..Here something to know about . In Lenovo Launcher pinch upwards with two fingers and you will get a pop up saying to setup a password.This is for hiding any apps from the launcher with/without password . Have fun !
  8. Changing Notification Panels : I provided some Notification panels (Go to google drive you will get all) which can be flashed throught twrp.If you want more pm me what you want !
  9. Getting Google's Stock Apps : For those who wants google's Dialer,Messaging ,Contact apps.I made a flashable zip by which you can get these apps(Google's Phone,Contact.Messages,Calculator,Calendar,YouTube ).This will delete Lenovo's Dialer,Messaging,contact ,Calculator,Calendar.Just download the zip from (AndroidFileHost link) above download links and flash it without wipes.Thanks @Matrix for this great suggestion!
Contact me for any other issues/suggestions ,I will try my best !!

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