Hexagon OS 2.4

Based on Lineage OS with the latest, the greatest features of all the custom ROM out there.With all these things and new UI this rom brings a whole new experience to android users.

Recent Changelogs from Officials :
- sensorservice: Fix orientation sensor for HAL's missing rotation vect..
- Update SuperSU to v2.82
- Add gemini (xiaomi mi5)
- Add zl1 to Official devices
- Add Fortunas to Oficial devices
- Add leeco x2 to Official devices
- Fix keyguard is black background while screen turning off/on quickly
- Fix NPE in SettingsLib
- Fix system server crash caused by CME in usage stats
- Fix dead lock in Tethering state machine
- Fix NPE while attempting to get length of null array in FileRotator
- Aapt2: Fix png leak
- SettingsLib: wifi: Fixed AccessPoint tracking for Passpoint networks
- Fix carrier label not getting scaled properly
- Keyguard: disable logspilling debug
- telecom: Fix order of arguments when creating Details object
- sensors: fix native crash when dynamic sensor is removed
- AudioService: don't launch music player while in call
- Fix screenpinning from showing up unless enabled
- Fix the Wi-Fi wrong status when turning Wi-Fi on
- Fixed NPE in canAddMoreManagedProfiles
- fix KeyEvent can't correctly finish when inputmethod time out happened
- Fix permissions for CTS
- Fix lag when opening an entry from the Settings left drawer
- Fix memory leak in WifP2pManager
- Fix an apk icon animation corruption issue
- Fix crash by IllegalStateException in sendAccessibilityEvent
- SystemUI: Misc fixes for right (custom) lockscreen shortcuts
- SystemUI: Specify user while changing brightness mode
- Fix launch music player on headset connect on reboot
- Fix SystemUI FC due to Google Assistant
- Show full alarm info
- Fix crash when calling remove() with a null variable
- Settings: enable fast scroll for all app list views
- Incall Audio Fix For Samsung MSM8916 Devices
- telephony: fix crash when missing simcard
- VoicemailSettingsActivity: Fix NPE
- Fix minor inconsistency in the CDMA call settings
- And more


Changes(done by me) :
Added latest supersu
New Hexagon Bootanimation
Added new pixel launcher
Added apps like Adaway, Google's New FilesGo, Greenify, Substratum etc.
Optimized overall system speed
Modified some apps to simplify it
Latest Gapps pre-installed
…and more


Download and Flash this rom (Clean Flash)
Wait for the process .It can take 8-10 Minutes
It will automatically reboot !
Done !!

Try it out !! Can be used as daily driver !!
Stop unnecessary apps from running in background or start on boot to get more free memory
or use Greenify !!
*No issues found (if you found one take logcat and report)
Flash renice kernel for DT2W

Special Thanks and Credits :
DroidVN Team
Sandeep Sethi
All other Devs for this rom !!

Links : 

Download from G drive

Download from MEGA

Renice Kernel 


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